Introducing Grayshark LLC

Introducing Grayshark LLC, Offering Training & Consulting To The Milwaukee Area

grayshark_logo.pngMilwaukee, WI – After years of serving as a personal technology consultant for friends and family, Evan Primakow has formally launched Grayshark LLC, offering training and consulting to individuals and small businesses in the metro-Milwaukee region of Wisconsin.

Grayshark LLC specializes in mobile technology, social media, Internet services, Apple products, web design, and search engine optimization. By tailoring the desired services specifically to their customer’s needs, Grayshark LLC is equipped to offer a wide range of services and training.

Business offerings include everything from basic training of business and office software for employees to social media integration, cloud computing solutions, and new technology consulting. By not using “boilerplate” generic solutions, Grayshark LLC will work with each individual business to determine their needs and develop a technology modernization strategy.

Similarly, for individual customers, Grayshark LLC offers personalized attention to what they are looking to get out of their technology and hands-on approach to learning said technology.

In addition to offering training and consulting services, the third leg of Grayshark LLC is the creation and management of an ad-supported network of websites designed to entertain Internet users around the world.

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