Personalized Bitcoin Consulting

Bitcoin is an entirely new asset class – the first and only decentralized and truly scarce currency. No government, corporation, organization, or individual can control it, confiscate it, or shut it down.

We can help you understand this new technology, discover its history, and learn how you can utilize it. Custom tailored to you.

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₿itcoin & Coffee

Hello Milwaukee! Let's sit down and chat about bitcoin. Whatever piques your interest, we'll tune the conversation in that direction at a coffee shop or restaurant of your choosing.

₿itcoin for Business

Get paid in Bitcoin, hold it on your balance sheets, gawk at the low fees of the Lightning Network, and start to cut out the banks. Let us guide your company into the future.

₿itcoin Security

Learn why and how to keep your own keys, best practices when sending or spending, picking secure wallets that best suit you, and how to spot and avoid the scams.

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Don't be afraid of that first step. Whether you're in southeastern Wisconsin with us or halfway across the country, we'd love to help guide your journey.