Tailored to you.

Technology consulting tailored to you.

Grayshark LLC serves the greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin, area out of Glendale and works with clients virtually around the country. Whether you run a small business or just need help at home, our one-on-one approach helps us get to know your needs to find the right solution. As a small business ourselves, we keep our overhead low and pricing competitive.

Here's a taste of what we offer...


Top-to-bottom and whatever your needs are in between. We build and custom-design WordPress sites to best suit your business and can seamlessly integrate just about any feature or tech that you want. We also offer business-class cloud hosting on an ultra-fast server that includes backups, daily security scans, regular software updates for your website, and a monthly report.


Whatever your tech needs, and whatever your tech knowledge, we can lock down your digital identity, help you through a rough spot, find equipment or software that will make your life easier, and support you when you need it.


It's the future backbone of global commerce, just as the Internet is the backbone of global communication. We can teach you how and where to buy it, how to transfer it, how to keep it secure, and why you should want to know all of that.