Cloud Hosting & WordPress Management


Don't fret the details of hosting your website, managing domains, or keeping everything up to date and secure. Our cloud server lives in a world-class datacenter, so hosting your site with Grayshark offers faster load times with extremely little down time and a talented staff monitoring the servers 24/7/365. You don’t need to know anything; we handle downtime issues, transferring your old website, or setting up the new one.

Don't kernel panic if your needs don't quite match up with the packages above.
Reach out and we'll either work something out or help you find the right solution.

Notes: Our Managed Hosting will monitor your website on a monthly basis and run all WordPress core and plugin updates. Updates are performed several times per month and will be chronicled on the monthly report. This also includes up to 1 hour per month of diagnosis and repair should an update cause issues on the website or tweaks to the site as requested; additional time will bill at our standard consulting rate of $20/15min.